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KAJ Masterclass – Conquering Test Anxiety



Join Craig Meriwether, a mindset coach and clinical hypnotherapist, as he tackles the often-overlooked but widespread issue of test anxiety. In this insightful episode, Meriwether draws from his extensive experience with “Ace Any Test,” the comprehensive course he created to help individuals overcome anxiety around exams, auditions, job interviews, and public speaking. Discover practical strategies and techniques to manage test anxiety, boost confidence, and reach your full potential. Meriwether’s expertise in clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and trauma healing provides a unique perspective on addressing the root causes of fear and anxiety. Whether you’re a student, performer, or professional, this episode offers invaluable tips and insights to help you conquer test anxiety and achieve success in high-pressure situations.


Insights with Dick Goldberg
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety


I was recently interviewed on Insights with Dick Goldberg. This is our conversation focusing on overcoming fear and anxiety in life.

What fears are getting in the way of your best life? How can the fear of public speaking, flying or test-taking be diminished or eliminated? Dick’s guest, Craig Meriwether is a certified hypnotherapist and mindset coach.



Test Anxiety

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