Research On Test Anxiety

Numerous studies have explored the concept of test anxiety, its causes, and potential interventions. Here are some notable research papers on test anxiety:

  1. Title: “Test anxiety, working memory, and cognitive performance: a reexamination of attentional control theory.”
    • Authors: Eysenck MW, Derakshan N, Santos R, Calvo MG.
    • Published in: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition (2007).
  2. Title: “Test anxiety and performance-avoidance goals: A causal relationship?”
    • Authors: Putwain DW, Symes W.
    • Published in: Contemporary Educational Psychology (2012).
  3. Title: “Test anxiety and academic performance in undergraduate and graduate students.”
    • Authors: Chapell MS, Blanding ZB, Silverstein ME, Takahashi M, Newman B, Gubi A, McCann N.
    • Published in: Journal of Educational Psychology (2005).
  4. Title: “The relationship between test anxiety and standardized test scores in a group of adult learners.”
    • Authors: Alpert R, Haber RN.
    • Published in: Journal of Applied Psychology (1960).
  5. Title: “Interventions for test anxiety in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis.”
    • Authors: Hembree R.
    • Published in: Journal of Anxiety Disorders (1988).
  6. Title: “Test anxiety, perfectionism, goal orientation, and academic performance.”
    • Authors: Cassady JC, Johnson RE.
    • Published in: Anxiety, Stress & Coping (2002).

These studies cover various aspects of test anxiety, including its cognitive and emotional components, its impact on academic performance, and potential interventions to alleviate its effects. Access to the full texts of these papers may require appropriate subscriptions or access through academic institutions.

Test Anxiety

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